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Aspidistra elatior: Care & tips

Below all the basics to care for the Aspidistra elatior. Good luck!

How much water does the Aspidistra elatior need?

The Cast-iron plant does not need much water. Exactly how much water you need to give depends on the place where your plant is, how much light falls on that place, how moist the air is around the plant, how big the plant is and what kind of pot the plant is in. That is why it is always best to check with your finger.

A plant that is not very thirsty can dry out almost completely. Is your pot very light? Then it's probably time!

How much light does the Aspidistra elatior need?

This plant likes shade to lots of indirect light. Therefore, the best place for this plant is near a window facing North, East or West.

How often should the Aspidistra elatior be fed?

It is best to feed the cast-iron plant only when you see that it is in active growth. This is the case when new, young leaves keep appearing. Usually this happens in the warmer months of the year but with some plants, depending on their situation, it can be all year round.

With active growth, you can feed the Aspidistra elatior once a month. We recommend organic and natural food in granular form. Granules release food slowly and for a very long time, unlike liquid food, and therefore only need to be added to your plant once or twice a year.

How can you propagate the Aspidistra elatior?

The Cast-iron plant can be propagated by splitting the plant into several plants by tearing the root.

Is the Aspidistra elatior air purifying?

The Cast-iron plant purifies the air. Beautiful and healthy!

Is the Aspidistra elatior poisonous to animals?

The Cast Iron plant is not toxic to animals. Totally safe for you and your fluffy pooch!

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