Coffeea arabica | Coffee plant

15 cm high & pot from 12 cm diameter

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Taking care of your Coffea

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Water: Grote dorst

Luchtzuiverende plant!

Bij groei: voeding om de 2 weken
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About this Coffea arabica


No, no coffee beans will grow on this, sorry. You will have to wake up to something else in the morning. Maybe this plant can wake you up with its crazy stems or curly leaves?

Other names: Arabian coffee, Arabian Coffee Tree

Frequently asked questions about the Coffeea arabica | Coffee plant

What is the Coffea still called?

The full name of this Coffea is Coffea arabica . The plant is also called Coffee plant .

How do my plant and pot arrive to me safely?

It goes without saying that we pack your Coffea with the necessary care and attention. We take both the protection factor and sustainability into account.

Each plant is wrapped in such a way that it cannot slide, the leaves are protected and the potting soil does not fly around. This way, your Coffea arabica will arrive radiant for your first meeting (but feel free to stay jogging).

Will my Coffea arabica look like the photo?

Plants are living things. What they look like can vary from day to day. However, your plant will always be approximately the same size, with the same pot size and have approximately the same number of leaves as the plant in the photo. But your new beauty will always be unique! Nice is not it?

Dimensions you can count on: 15 cm high & pot from 12 cm diameter

What is the MPS Sustainability Score?

You can find more information here about the standards that Dau complies with to offer you only sustainable products.

What is the difference between small, medium or big thirst?

That's all well and good, but how do I know when my plant is thirsty? You know that by feeling! A plant that has little thirst may dry out almost completely. Does your pot weigh very light? Then it's probably time! Plants with average thirst may dehydrate up to 50%. Stick your finger in the soil (or use a water meter), do you feel wetness before you reach the center of the pot? Then it is best to wait a while before watering again. Plants that are very thirsty should only dry out by a few centimeters. Feel with your finger whether the soil on the surface is still wet, then it is best to wait a little longer before pouring. Once the first 10-20% of the top soil is dry, it's time for a sip!

What is the best way to water my Coffea ?

It is best to water (almost all plants) from above until the water runs out from the bottom through the holes in your pot.

Then you know he's had enough. Plants that you had forgotten for a moment (we don't judge) and that are very dry, may want to be left with their pot in the water for an hour afterwards. This way they have plenty of time to drink enough.

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